New Hosting Home for This Blog

April 17, 2012 Leave a comment

So after some trial and error I was able to move this blog from being hosted on to  Now I know why I work in infrastructure and now a web designer/admin.  Thankfully it seems to be up and running and working fine.  The only thing I lost was the stats for the site when hosted on  I can live with this, as I just recently hit the 10K hit/read mark so I will just know going forward that I need to add an additional 10K to my stats.

With this move I believe I can now get a Windows Phone 7 app created pretty easily, will work on that next, or ask one of my highly competent consulting brothers (or sisters) to help me with the app!

If you are reading this, it means you are on my old hosting site, check your address bar if it reads then you are on my old hosting site.  You should change to as you favorite or bookmark!

I will monitor this for a while to ensure I keep in touch with anyone still accessing this location.  Also if you are a follower, and I appreciate you for doing so, I believe you need to subscribe at the new location as well!


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Domain Registar Transfer – Sorry

April 16, 2012 Leave a comment

So Today, while working and managing four client projects I finalized my domain registrar from WordPress/Automatic to  Bad timing as I did this while working projects and then heading out to a crucial client meeting (ok it was a Happy Hour at Earl’s).  So when I got home this site was unreachable and t took me a bit to get it back online.  I think everything is working fine now, but please let me know if you are having trouble accessing the site (haha, if you are having trouble you won’t see this post)!

Next up is to move the hosting of this site to but will most likely wait until after the inaugural Office 365 International User Group!  Please find more information about this User group here:  Part of the reason I made the transfer of the domain to is to allow me to setup the proper SRV DNS settings to host the meeting via Lync Online.  The invitation to the group with the Lync info will be out very shortly!  Join now to be able to say you were at the first meeting!


10K hits on this Blog

April 16, 2012 Leave a comment

Find it pretty cool that is less that five full months this blog site has now recieved over 10,000 hits/views.  Hopefully everyone that is coming to this site is finding it helpful and relevant!

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Windows Phone 7.5 Nokia Lumia 900

April 11, 2012 Leave a comment

So I was very lucky and won a Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone from @MobieChick! This was awesome, as I was debating how I could get my hands on this Flagship phone from Nokia and AT&T. I was nowhere near being able to get the 900 at the reduced $99 rate with a new two year contract. The reason being is I just bought the HTC Titan, a great phone, in November. So either I would have to add another line to get the reduced price, but add another $30 a month to my bill or pay about $400 + off contract.

So the phone arrived at my house yesterday! Got the delivery email from FedEx around 1pm and almost ran out of the office to head home, but waited and worked the ENTIRE day then made it home. So the first impression of picking up the phone was great, a very solid and well build device. The charger was tiny and it does a great job getting juice to the battery. What I had to do next is call AT&T to get the Micro SIM card enabled. This was easy but while talking to the AT&T rep I found out since the 900 switched to the Micro SIM card format I was out of luck to switch back easily to another device that took the AT&T standard SIM card. If I wanted to switch back to my Titan, just for a day I would be required to go to AT&T and get another SIM, enable it and then use it in the Titan. But then to switch back to the 900 it would be the same experience, get another Micro SIM from a store, enable it and use. This is because; as it was explained to me once AT&T disables a SIM it cannot be used again. I asked if I could have a Micro and Standard SIM active at the same time and the rep said that was not possible. This is not a major problem, but I would like to have the flexibility to switch SIM cards between devices.

So with all that I can’t say enough about this Phone! It just feels right, it looks right and it acts right! The True Black screen with the Nokia Blue Theme (a strong blue versus the built-in Microsoft blue) is awesome. The phone just say pick me up and use me. But when you pick it up, you can get info and be back to your life, unless you get caught into the great games with Xbox live and Indy games. This phone is so solid and just the right size, the Titan was great, a little big but really great, but this just fits into my hand and life.

I will say that Nokia hit a home run with this phone and getting it for free via the contest was just icing on the cake! Please take a close look at this phone the next time you are near a AT&T Mobile store, you will be impressed!

The First Office 365 International User Group Meeting

So the Inaugural Office 365 International User Group meeting has been scheduled! It will be April 24, 2012 at 8pm UTC/GMT, see the time conversion here. This User Group is open to anyone and everyone that has an interest in Office 365. If interested please join our group on and our mailing list via We are looking to grow this group and plan some cool things for the group!

Office 365 International User Group

March 30, 2012 Leave a comment

I have been working on getting an International Office 365 user group with several Office 365 MVP’s. After a delay on my part I am happy to announce that I have setup a account for the group and a group.

Please go to to sign up for the User Group. I will be using the and group to publicize the group further!

Please pass this along to anyone who think would be interested in joining.

Fix for Enabling Online Archive in Office 365 Hybrid Deployment

March 30, 2012 3 comments

So I blogged a little while ago about an issue with enabling Online Archive for a Migrated user in Office 365 Hybrid Deployment So I came up with a work around to fix this:

Login to Domain Controller (assumes 2008 R2 version) if not you will need to use ADSIEDIT.MSC

Open Active Directory Users and Computers

Browse to the user account you want to have enabled for Online Archive

Open the Account properties and choose the Attribute Editor tab (if this does not show up select the View menu from ADUC and ensure Advanced Features in selected)

Locate the MSExchangeVersion Attribute

Replace the value with 44220983382016

Login to Hybrid Exchange 2010 SP2 server

Launch the Exchange Management Shell (EMS)

Run the following command, replacing USERNAME with the user’s login name

Enable-RemoteMailbox USERNAME-Archive

Force a DirSync

This has worked well for me and I have not run into any issues with manually setting the MSExchangeVersion Attribute.

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